Abby Wolfe and Nick Knox

Dunedin born and raised singer-songwriter Abby Wolfe returns for one night on Saturday July 22nd at Inch Bar with support from composer, pianist and singer Nick Knox.

Following two tours and the release of her debut EP ‘Open Your Eyes’ in November 2016, Abby Wolfe has settled down on the northern shores of Takapuna, Auckland for inspiration and to further develop her “Haunting” and “Nostalgic” sound.

Described by Insiders Dunedin as having powerful, captivating vocals and earthy songwriting, Wolfe has been developing her unique style since teaching herself guitar at age 15. Combining Ballads with Pop sensibilities and live looping, Wolfe produces a depth of sound and emotion on stage far beyond what seems possible for one person with one guitar.

In support of Abby Wolfe’s return from the north is local composer, pianist and singer, Nick Knox. Nick’s sound is at once gruff, delicate, and soulful, laced with baroque sensibilities, complex polyphonies, Arabic scales, improvised keys and a dark multi-flecked voice.
Nick’s ethos of music-making is one of soul-work: he enters into trancelike spaces, creating fully  felt and emotionally charged musical explorations.

Dunedin Music commentator Bill Morris writes this of Nicks work: “Nick’s music is thrilling, strange and utterly unique. Imagine Rammstein’s tour bus, with a troupe of Tibetan throat singers on board, crashing into the middle of a Bach recital and you can begin to imagine the sound.


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