Formed in late 2013, Owls is Jacob Wright(Phoney Dog), Tom Corrigan(Iron Mammoth), and Ayumu Koboyashi(The Maine Coons). While Jacob hits things (preferably drums) and plays with his moustaches, Tom contributes the odd comment, and Ayumu just watches over the chaos. All the while they play music; some call it Pop-Rock.

How do Owls talk about themselves?

“To be frank, I can’t tell you what genre we fall under. Every song is inspired by different experiences. The three of us have our own taste of music and contribute individual ideas. All of the above combined equals song. Here is something I can tell you. We all share a mutual respect for pentatonic scales! We are influenced by music that has more to say than “Hello Kitty, You’re so pretty.” We like existing in time and space, no one knows how it all started! There is more to life than just a life of toil!”


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